Harold van Lennep – Liberation [OUT NOW!]

Écoutez l’univers envoûtant de Harold van Lennep – Liberation [OUT NOW!].

iBeard: http://bit.ly/HVL_iT
Beardport: http://bit.ly/HvLLib_BP
Spotify: http://bit.ly/HvLLib_SP

Harold van Lennep’s trademark dreamy, melody-infused style is perfect for a laid-back Sunday morning.

For those moments of downtime, where chilling is the primary objective, we could all do a lot worse than ‘Liberation’.

The vocal text juxtaposed with the engaging chords creates a poetic scene, quietly catchy and comforting in its own way.


Harold van Lennep:

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Ambient “Deep House” Piano Electronic // The Bearded Man

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